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Our Purpose

Our mission and purpose is to accelerate the transition to a more environmentally sustainable + socially ethical tourism industry.


When traveling it is hard to know where your money ends up, and although most people would like it to benefit the local communities around the world, most often it is the larger travel companies who succeed in advertising and selling their adventures.

A United Nations report [1] shows that out of every $100 spent in a developing country, only $5 stays in the country providing the tourism. We at weAdventure were appalled at hearing this – it needs to change.

We believe that by building a marketplace for passionate local adventure providers on which they can share environmentally sustainable and ethically run adventures, we can complete our mission. weAdventure borrows positive ideas from the sharing economy and helps qualified providers to participate in a democratic and fair marketplace.

[1] Source: United Nations – UNEP

“Don’t just adventure the world, make it better,

all you have to do is have a good time”

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weAdventure aims to reclaim the tourism industry and let local tourism providers reap the benefits of tourism in their countries. weAdventure is an online community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book exciting outdoor adventures around the world. The marketplace allows providers to get exposure by listing their adventures, take bookings seamlessly and build up a reputation online.

You can support our mission by booking your next adventure through weAdventure.

Do you and want to join us on this mission? Email [email protected].

We will be sharing more about our dream for a better adventure tourism industry very soon. We are inspired by Enspiral, Loomio, Stocksy and Patagonia.

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