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When traveling it can be hard for me to know where my money ends up. Although I would like my money to benefit the local community, there are middlemen who manage to get in between us, taking big margins. I think these hidden power dynamics often come at a great cost to locally owned businesses/cooperatives and their communities, especially in the Global South.

A United Nations report [1] shows that out of every $100 spent in the Global South, only $5 stays in the local economy. We want to help change this.

Our collective purpose as a cooperative is to contribute to the Commons by creating Free /Libre and Open Source Software to accelerate the transition to an environmentally and socially regenerative tourism ecosystem. We want to build technology that meets the needs of passionate local adventure providers, as well as meeting our own needs for meaning and purpose.

Below is a video of Jeremy’s pitch during the SoPact.org program for social entrepreneurs in Lund, Sweden.

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